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All Texas reps by zip code --enter your zip code and learn your Texas U.S. representative, Texas State Senators, Texas State Representatives, and Texas State Board of Education members
San Antonio City Council contact information
Coming Elections Bexar County
Project Vote Smart --enter your zip code at the bottom of the page and you will get the president, VP, federal Senator and Representative, and state representatives
Democracy Net Register to vote; find your representatives by zip code; get latest information on campaigns.
Texas State Congress Info.


Bexar County Elections Department
California Voter Foundation a non-partisan group "dedicated to applying new technologies to provide the public with access to the information needed to participate in public life in a meaningful way"
COMMON CAUSE a non-partisan organization devoted to making government more accountable
C-Span --current political news
Democratic Leadership Council
Election 2008 guide from Univ. of Michigan
Election Reform News
EMILY's List --an acronym for "Early Money Is Like Yeast," EMILY's list identifies viable pro-choice Democratic women candidates for key federal and state offices
E-The People --an interactive town hall... also Helps you locate e-mail addresses for 140,000 local, state or federal officials
Electronic Voting System, Analysis of an "Recent election problems have sparked great interest in managing the election process through the use of electronic voting systems. While computer scientists, for the most part, have been warning of the perils of such action, vendors have forged ahead with their products, claiming increased security and reliability"
FED Info page --"a place to discover who gave what to which Federal candidates when... "
Federal Election Commission
Freedom Channel provides 90-second video clips of statements from candidates (venue is nonpartisan)
Gallup Organization
Government Innovators Harvard lists new programs which are working
Green Parties of North America
Harris Poll Online
League of Women Voters
Libertarian homepage
Libertarian Party homepage
New Democrats Online
Online News Hour: @ the Capital --PBS
Political Parties
Political WAG Free online message boards for users to voice opinions on major issues and carry out debates with others.
POLITICS page of links
San Antonio Polling Locations just enter your zip code
Select Smart Sort through lists of options about current issues. Will tell you which candidates support your interests. Informative, fun.
Texas Election Links
Texas Secretary of State (elections)
Vote Smart Project "has begun a battle. A battle to protect you, all of us from the issueless nonsense of today's political campaigns. Campaigns that strip us of the single most crucial component in our struggle to self-govern - abundant, accurate, relevant information about those who govern or those who wish to replace those that do... important effort to preserve and protect our right to self-govern in the face of campaigns, parties and the special interests who's increasing control and manipulation of information strikes at the heart of our democracy."
Voter Turnout, 1945 to present
Washington Post Latest news on political races.

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