U.S. War Crimes
Excerpts from an article by John Ross in The Texas Observer, 7/18/03, pp.16-17
Shame on U.S. war crimes and other disgraces

"...Nineteen Iraqies have charged the U.S. commander in Iraq, Tommy Franks, with similar violations of human rights before a Belgium Court...

"Mexico casts its ballot at the United Nations Security Council in favor of granting U.S. troops accused of war crimes immunity from prosecution by the newly-created International Penal Tribunal, a vote that "satisfied" U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell...

"When Belgian foreign minister Louis Michel refused to back down on the right of Iraqi citizens to bring charges against Franks under his country's laws, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld threatened diplomatic rupture. (Last year when it was suggested that its citizens could be brought to trial before the World Court at the Hague, a handful of conservative U.S. congressional representatives introduced legislation authorizing Washington to bomb the Netherlands to prevent such prosecutions.)"

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