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"At the current rate of social change, women won't achieve full equity to men until the year 2270. But women won't be that patient. They'll become economic separatists... frustration with the instransigence of large corporations... will prompt women to look for even more radical ways to bring about economic equality."

Source: Olofson, Cathy. "By Women For Women." Fast Company (Sep. 1999): 78.

From the ACLU Action Update 10-28-98:

Stop Reproductive Rights Terrorism

On October 23, Dr. Barnett A. Slepian was killed in his suburban Amherst, New York home by a sniper because he provided safe, legal abortions to women.

This murder was the latest in the wave of attacks against abortion providers and patients throughout the country. Five sniper attacks against abortion providers have occurred in the United States and Canada in the last four years. An off-duty police officer died and two people were injured in a clinic bombing in Birmingham this past January. Just a year before that, two bombings at Northside Family Planning Services in Atlanta injured doctors, patients and rescue workers. Two young women lost their lives to a gunman at a Boston-area clinic in 1996, and another abortion provider was murdered in Pensacola in 1994.

The ACLU considers these occurrences acts of terrorism because their aim is to intimidate political opponents into silence and withdrawal. The intent of these acts is to suppress speech, curtail constitutional rights, and instill paralyzing fear in those whose beliefs the terrorists oppose.

"Marilyn French reminds us.. that although women do between 65 and 75 percent of the world's work and produce 45 percent of the world's food, they hold only 10 percent of the world's income and 1 percent of the world's property" (French 1992, cover).

"..the economic disadvantages of women pale in comparison to the statistics on physical assaults on women's bodies. In many countries, men stil hold the legal right to beat, torture, imprison, or kill the women they "own"" (French 1992, cover).

"In the United States a man beats a woman every twelve seconds" (French 1992, cover).

"In the United States.. four women die every day as a result of beating by a man" (French 1992, cover).

"..the United States has one of the highest, if not the highest, rates of rape in the world" (French 1992, cover).

"Nobody objects to a women being a good writer
or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time
she manages to be a good wife, good mother,
good-looking, good-tempered, well-groomed, and
unaggressive." - Leslie M. McIntyre

News Media Mask Spousal Violence in the "Language of Love"
from 20 Years of Censored News, by Carl Jensen.

"A man guns down his former wife and her new boyfriend; reporters call it a "love triangle."

"A man shoots and kills several co-workers, including a woman who refused to date him; the press reports a "tragedy of spurned love."

"A man kidnaps his estranged wife, rapes her, accuses her of an imaginary affair, and chokes her to death; a reporter writes that he "made love to his wife," then strangled her when "overcome with jealous passion."

"A New York City cop drags his ex-girlfriend out of police headquarters where she works, shoots her four times, killing her, then kills himself; the New York Post headlines it: "Tragedy of a Lovesick Cop."

"Ann Jones, journalism professor and author of Next Time, She'll be Dead: Battering and How to Stop It, charges that the media are part of the problem by masking violence in the language of love. She says, "This slipshod reporting has real consequences in the lives of real men and women. It affirms a batterer's most common excuse for assault: 'I did it because I love you so much.'"

"Noting that every 12 seconds in this country, some man batters his current or former wife or girlfriend, Jones says that battering is currently the leading cause of injury to American women, sending more than one million to doctors' offices or emergency rooms every year.

"According to Jones, it also drives women into the streets with a reported 50 percent of homeless women and kids fleeing from male violence; and it figures in one quarter of all suicide attempts by women and one half of all suicide attempts by black women. According to the American Medical Association, it also injures fetuses in utero: 37 percent of all obstetric patients are battered during pregnancy" (p. 316).

SOURCE: USA Today, 3/10/94, "Crimes Against Women: Media Part of Problem for Masking Violence in the Language of Love," by Ann Jones.

"Good news.. for women in 2003:

"1. Shirin Ebadi won the Nobel Peace Prize. The Iranian feminist and human rights crusader is the first Muslim woman to receive this honor. The ayatollahs are furious!

"2. Hormone replacement therapy was further debunked. Instead of protecting you from Alzheimer's, it doubles your risk... its supposed benefits are drug-industry hype...

"7. One in four people in Ireland saw The Magdalene Sisters, a movie that exposed the lifelong virtual consignment to hard labor in convent laundries of Irish girls who fell afoul of the Church's harsh double standard of sexual morality by, for example, being raped.

"8. Afghan women set the gold standard for courage with major conferences in Kandahar and Kabul to push for women's rights in the new constitution...

"9. In Lawrence v. Texas, the Supreme Court struck down sodomy laws criminalizing gay sex. The Massachusetts Supreme Court, headed by a woman, ruled that the state Constitution required that gays should be able to marry...

"11. Prodded by an ACLU lawsuit, Michigan stopped drug-testing welfare recipients... as well as applicants...

"13. Seventy-eight-year-old Essie Mae Washington-Williams confirmed longstanding rumors that she is the daughter of racist Senator Strom Thurmond and his family's 16-year-old black maid, Carrie Butler. That Strom died at 100, repuation intact, definitely proves that God does not exist.

"14. In New York, the U.S. Court of Appeals [ruled] that child services can't take away the children of battered women...

"16. Desparately poor women in Nigeria's Niger Delta staged militant demonstrations... against Shell, demanding that the company employ locals and share the wealth with the community. They won!...

"19. Lieut. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin, who thinks Allah is an idol and that God put Bush in the White House, quoted his ex-wife as follows: "I don't love you anymore, you're a religious fanatic, and I'm leaving you"" (Katha Pollitt. "Good News For Women." The Nation, Jan. 12, 2004: 11).

8 Trailblazing Female Explorers


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